Thirteen Reasons WHy

Thirteen Reasons WHy

In this quiz you will find questions from the book Thirteen Reasons Why. The questions will range from veyr broad to very specific.

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Who was the first person on Hannah Baker's list?

Clay Jensen
Justin Foley
Alex Standall

Who introduced Jessica and Hannah?

Mr. Porter
Jenny Kurtz
Ms. Antilly

Where did Hannah and Clay finally connect?

At school
At a party
At Hannah's house

Who created the "Hot or Not" list?

Hannah Baker
Clay Jensen
Zack Dempsey
Alex Standall

Where did Hannah, Jessica, and Alex meet almost every day after school? (At the beginning)

Monet's Cafe
Rosie's Diner
Blue Spot Liquor
Public Library

Who was the last person Hannah talked to before she committed suicide?

Clay Jensen
Mr. Porter
Her parents
Jessica Davis

Why did Hannah think that no one cared about her?

No one put any comments in her bag
No one came to her birthday party
She didn't have any friends

How did Hannah kill herself?

shoots herself
It doesn't say

How many tapes does Hannah make?


Who does Clay pass the tapes onto next?

Mr. Porter