Motivation Theories Quiz

Motivation Theories Quiz

Students will complete this quiz to test their knowledge on the PowerPoint Presentation regarding Motivation.

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Who created the Hierarchy of Needs?

James Maslow
Urma Frankel
Abraham Maslow

What is motivation?

The forcing of others to do better
The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular
Failure to comply to the requests of an authoritative figure

All are true EXCEPT for ONE based on Herzberg's Theory of Hygiene and Motivational Factors:

Motivator Factors are based on an individual's need for personal
Hygiene Factors are based on the need for a business to avoid
unpleasantness at work.
Hygiene Factors are based on the individuals need for personal
Positive Motivator Factors can motivate an individual to achieve above-
average performance and effort.

Victor Vroom’s theory states:

People are motivated to do things based on others’ opinion
People are motivated to do things based on their needs
People are motivated to do things based on the outcome/ reward and
how much they need the outcome/reward.

Maslow’s Theory addresses:

Humans have a series of needs that prompt motivation.
Humans do not want more than they have.
Humans have a complex system of getting what they want

Examples of Herzberg's Hygiene Factors include all but ONE:

Job Security
Physical Working Conditions

What is valence according to Victor Vroom's Theory of Expectancy?

The value the individual places on the rewards based on their needs,
goals, values and Sources of Motivation.
The belief that a person will receive a reward if the performance
expectation is met.
The belief that one's effort will result in attainment of desired
performance goals