Bio Study Quiz

Bio Study Quiz

This quiz is to help me ace my biology midterm coming up soon. Mutation- evolution

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What are the assumption of the Hardy-Weinberg equation

Select the five correct answers
Large Population size
One allele in the population
Random mating
Disassortive mating
Natural Selection
No Selection
No mutation
No migration
Evolution is occuring

Which concept stats that "the preferred hypothesis is the one that is the simplest for all the characters and their states" when deciding which hypothesis to accept when deciphering a cladogram?

Maximum likelihood
principle of parsimony
bayesian methos

The effects of inbreeding is

an increase of homozygotes in succeeding generations
a decrease of heterozygotes in succeeding generations
decrease the mean fitness of a population
an increase likelihood of recessive traits appearing in succeeding generations
all of the choices are correct

A species that is naturally found only in a particular location is called


What is the Ames test?

Which of the following does not occur during transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes

The gene must be transcribed
Chromatin is converted to the closed conformation
The RNA must be processed and exported for the nucleus

A frog and a toad mate. The frog drops its sperm onto the toads eggs as they are being laid, offspring don't develop because the sperm cannot fertilize the eggs. This is an example of..

Mechanical Isolation
Habitat Isolation
Gametic Isolation

What would result from a single nucleotide deletion within the coding sequence of a structural gene?

a missense point mutation
a frameshift mutation
a nonsense point mutation

Natural Selection is one mechanism to change allele frequency in a gene pool, what is the name of the machanism that fosters change in allele frequencies due to random chance?

What would be the frequency of pink flower in a population where the allele frequency Cr is 0.4 and the population is in Hardy-Winberg equilibrium?


What are the Benefits of gene regulation?

Select the three correct answers
helps reduce mutations
conserves resources
Allows cells differentiation in multi-cellular organisms
Doesn't allow differentiation in multi-cellular organisms
allows different gene to be expressed over the course of development

What is the function of MutS protien in methyl-directed mismatch repair?

To exercise the mismatched base pair
to find mismatches
to bind to DNA polymerase
to make a cut in the nonmethylated DNA strand
to digest the nonmethylated DNA strand

The process of evolutionary changes that result in formation of new species and groups of species is called

temporal evolution
artificial selection
serial evolution

There are 2 types of birds one with blue bellies and one with white bellies. The blue bellies are more common. Predation on the blue bellies increases causing there to be more white bellies. This is an example of?

The ability of glucose to repress the lac operon depends on a small effector molecule. What is the name of this effector molecule?


The term evolution is used to describe

changes in the number of individuals in a population
any change in an individual
hertitable changes in characteristics of a population
any change in an individual organism that occurs in somatic cells

Eukaryotic DNA methylation occurs on which base


Fundamental similarity die to descent from a common ancestor is called


Allopatric speciation occurs because a population

merges with another population of the same species
becomes geographically isolated and undergoes genetic change
become extinct and is replaced by a population of a different spcies
shows no genetic change from generation to generation
hubrid sterility occurs