Saint Patrick Quiz

Saint Patrick Quiz

As St.Patricks day is coming up i decided to this quiz!! Please try it! If ur Irish then u have to get 100%! Good Luck

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Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of which country?

When patrick was __ his whole life changed


Patrick was kidnapped by____ and taken to Ireland

Bob of the 7 boys
Niall of the nine hostages
Niall of the 7 hostages

Patrick worked on which mountain in ireland?

Sis mountain
sleibhte leis sneachta
Slemhish mountain

What was patrick working as on the mountain?

Praying to God on the mountain
Planting potato seeds
Minding the animals

Why is Saint Patrick's day celebrated on the 17th of March?

He was born on the 17th
He died on the 17th
He returned to Ireland then

How did Patrick explain the blessed trinity to the people?

he used a potato
He used a shamrock
he explained by drawing on calf skin

Patrick is buried in


Patrick spent the rest of his life

travelling the world explaining about how God created the potato
Travelling around Ireland exploring the countryside
Travelling around ireland telling the irish about God