Why is it so important to reduce food wastage?

Why is it so important to reduce food wastage?

Summary quiz on the information students have learnt from in the previous pages.

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What is the main cause of food waste in NSW?

Cook more than we eat.
Cook less than we eat.
Food goes off quickly and needs to be thrown out.

Give an example of three things that waste contributes to?

Energy, smell, clean environment
Pollution, climate change, energy
Climate change, energy, better environment

Why is sustainability so important?

Produces a lovely planet.
If we arn't being sustainable, we are using the earth's resources including water, soil and minerals which has a negative impact on our ecosystem.
Encourages people to think about their choices.

How can you contribute to reducing food waste?

Pick up rubbish that may be on the ground and not in bins provided, even if this rubbish is not yours.
Be less wateful, grow your own foods, plan menus and create detailed shopping lists.
Throw rubbish into the rubbish bins to make sure rubbish is not being thrown into our environment.

What will happen if we continue to use the earth's resources?

Earth will explode.
Create a positive impact on the environment.
Resources will diminish and the quality of the environment will be threatened.

How much food in total does NSW buy but throw away per year?

2 Billion
1 Million
2.5 Billion

How is planning your menus a good way in reducing waste?

Your meals will be very tasty which means the food will all be eaten and there will not be any waste.
Fewer trips to the supermarket and less impulse spending.

In the YouTube video by Masterchef contestant Callum Hann, how much money is wasted by NSW households on food waste each year?


Why is reducing waste so important?

To reduce bad odours.
To have a clean planet.
To lower the amount of methane gas and leachate that is put into the air.