How much do you know about Harry Styles?

How much do you know about Harry Styles?

So you think you know everything about him. Well take this quiz and find out.

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What is his star sign

What song did he sing for his audition on the X-Factor?

How old was he when he auditioned for the X- Factor?

What is Harry's moms name?

Who did he date that was 15 years older than him

What s his sisters name?

What is his middle name?

What is his nickname?

What is his favorite song?

What band was he in before 1D?

What is his favorite color

He can play the..

What did he name his hamster?

When is his B-Day month?

True or False: Harry is the youngest member of One Direction?

Do you love him?


Did Harry pass his driving test?

What is his dads name?