Do you really know some sports?

Do you really know some sports?

You may think you really know a sport... But lets put it to the test and see if you really do know!

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How do you shoot a basketball?

You bend your knees a little, hold your arm(lefty,righty) at a 90 degree angle,only use your other palm for support,and shoot up!
Use two hands and just through at basket.
Dribbel it!!!!

How do you kick a soccer ball?

With your toes!!! Duh!
With your heel!
With the side of your foot?

What do you use with a tennis racket for tennis?

A tennis ball
A birdy
a shoe

Do I like sports?

for vollyaball what do you use?

Select the one correct answers
A Beach ball
A volly ball with a net
a net