How much do you know about My Little Pony

How much do you know about My Little Pony

This quiz about how much you know about My Little Pony and if get failed that means you are a big fan of My Little Pony.

published on February 26, 201389 responses 15 4.6★ / 5

What is the name of shining armor's wife

Princes Bella
Princess Cadence
Princess Morgan

What is the name of the episode where spike watch everybody's pet

Spike has a big job
Just for side kicks
Pet day

What is Pinkie Pie's favorite color


How did Twilight become a princess

Just being pretty
Fixing a spell that Star Swirled The Bearded couldn't even
Past a big test

How did Princess Luna get on the show

A space ship landed in canderlot and Princess Luna walked
The elements of harmony destroyed night mare moon and
then night mare moon cracked open and Princess Luna was
Princess Celastia was hiking and found Princess Luna siting
and eating her lunch

Who was the first pony twilight met

Pinkie Pie

What is Twilights favorite color

Light Purple

What is Fluttershy's cutie mark

A bunny
Three butterfly's
2 trees

Witch of these is Rainbow dash's pet

A turtle
A dog
A hawk

What does Rainbow Dash look like

A Blue body with rainbow hair
A Rainbow body with blue hair
A Orange body with blue hair