List 4 Week 8 Mrs Monty's 10A English class

List 4 Week 8 Mrs Monty's 10A English class

List 4 week 8 spelling/ definition test study quiz, ugh! *NOTE answer with lowercase letters*

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to feel or express sorrow or regret for, to mourn for or over

of, pertaining to, or characterized by impertinence or effrontery; shameless or brazenly immodest mischievous, impertinent, or disrespectful

Sincere; honest; straightforward; frank, ingenuous

existing in one from birth; inborn; native, inherent in the essential character of something, originating in or arising from the intellect or the constitution of the mind, rather than learned through experience

a gloomy state of mind, especially when habitual or prolonged; depression, sober thoughtfulness; pensiveness, characterised by, causing, or expressing sadness, dejection

the quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful; inventiveness; cleverness or skilfulness of conception or design

intrusive or presumptuous, as persons or their actions; insolently rude; uncivil

not within proper or reasonable limits; immoderate; excessive, disorderly; uncontrolled, unrestrained in conduct, feelings, etc

easily provoked to anger; very irritable, characterized or produced by anger

absolutely trustworthy or sure; unfailing in effectiveness or operation