do u really know justin drew bieber

do u really know justin drew bieber

♥♥♥ o love justin bieber so much so do this quiz to see if u really know him

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what is justin biebers 2 favourite foods. no cheating lol ♥♥♥

spaghetti and pizza
pizza and spaghetti

what time was justin born. am or pm doesn't matter. but it will get u a better score

12: 56
12:56 am

How many tattoos does Justin Bieber have?

i dont know

Whats Justin Bieber's favorite romantic movie? ♥♥♥ if u dont know the answer skip it

The Notebook
note book

What are Justin Bieber's favorite crips/chips?


How Tall Is Justin Bieber?

5' 9"

what show to justin bieber guest host (2013)

Saturday Night Live

What is Justin Bieber's horoscope Zodiac sign?