Tactical Expert Test

Tactical Expert Test

Your tactical skills will be put to the test in this quiz, are you up to the challenge?

published on February 19, 20131 response 0

There is a man in the middle of a courtyard, you have a clear shot, however you are close to him, how do you take him out?

Shoot him in the head with a silenced weapon
Knock him out with a hit to the head with your gun
Sneak up on him from behind with a knife
Throw smoke, switch to thermal vision and shoot him in the chest until he is dead

Assault Rifle rate of fire

Full auto
three round burst

There are 4 enemies behind a door, mark the most tactical way(s) to take them all out.

Select the two correct answers
Throw a smoke and aim for their chests
Lean over cover and shoot them in the head one at a time
Throw a grenade and clear out survivors
Barge in and open fire

A sniper is shooting down on your squad. In your squad you have: a sniper, an LMGist, an Assault rifleman and a shotgunner how do you take down the sniper?

Have your LMGist blind fire while your shotgunner and assault rifleman charge
All out charge
Have your automatic weapon users blind fire while your sniper tries sniping
Throw grenades

You have a team of 8, what is the most appropriate squad size