Harry Potter trivia!

Harry Potter trivia!

Random Harry Potter questions! Lets see how well you know books/movies!! Have fun! :) !

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What is Aberforth Dumbledores's Patrounus?

A goat
A bear
A moose

How many muggles died from wearing the cursed opal necklace?


Why was Hagrid exspelled in his 3rd year?

Because he used magic outside if Hogwarts
Because they thought he opened the Chamber of Secrets
Because he beat up another student

Why is Ron afraid of spiders?

Because when he was 3 Fred turned his teddy bear into a spider.
Because a spider bit him when he was a kid
Because they just freak him out

How long does it take to brew Felixuis Fliticus?

4 months
6 months
8 months

Peeves was poltergeist at Hogwarts since around what year?

Around year 993
Around year 957
Around year 968

What core does Katie Bell's wand have?

Unicorn hair
Phoenix feather
Dragon heartstring

What color is dobby's eye

Tennis ball-green

What was Dumbledore's mom's name?