Jaylin's Chapter 7 Test

In this astonish test you will do: - Fill in the blank - Multiple answer - Single answer ***GOOD LUCK***

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Tenochtitlan is surround by a body of water. What type of body water is surrounding it & what is it called?

Lake Maracaibo
Lake Texcoco

Lake Maracaibo in northwestern Venezuela, covers an area of more than (Add units or marked wrong) _________

In section 1 they give an exaple by using a picture of a tree frog. Where does this tree frog come from?

Atacama Desert
Coastal Rica's rain forest
Amazon rain forest

What is the 2nd largest lake in South America?

Lake Titicaco
Lake Strawberry
Lake Titicaca

The llanos cover an area of about______

240,000 square kilometers
220,000 square miles
295,000 square yards

In South America, the Atlantic Ocean lies East. However there goes the equator. What is the landform above and what state is it in? _____________________________

Extended Response(Written on seperate sheet of paper)Answere these ffollowing questions:
1. The Aztec arrived in the Valley of Mexico in what year?
2. What year was Tenochtitlan?
3. Tenochtitlan was rebuilt in what year and what was it named?
4. Ther was ___ Aztec rulers.

What was the civilzations discussed in this chapter?