Chapter 2 vocabulary quiz

Chapter 2 vocabulary quiz

The audience will be quized on vocabulary used in the presentation about perception.

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How do we improve the accuracy of social perceptions?

Select the two correct answers
Question the accuracy of your perception
Always attribute someone's bad behavior to something in their control
Seek more information to verify your perceptions

True or false: As humans, we strive to copy the characteristics or behaviors of the characters portrayed as perfect?

What is it called when we are prone to pay attention to messages that reinforce our current self-image, where as messages that contradict this image my not register?

Filtering messages

What word is the mental image you have about your skills, abilities, knowledge competence, and personality.

Self- concept
Self- monitoring

Incongruence is...

A negative action toward a social group or its members.
The gap between our innacurate self-perception and reality.
The type of person we want to be.