irish traditions:)

irish traditions:)

do this quiz about irish traditions are and what the irish people(including me) do for different seasons and events during the year! Good luck:)

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the 17th of march is which famous event in ireland?

st.patricks day
easter month

what food is eaten on christmas day?

potatoes, meat and vegetables
vegetables, rice and fish
beef/lamb/turkey/goose/ham and potatoeas with vegetables and gravy.

what food does the irish leave out for santa claus on christmas eve?

cookies, milk, christmas cake , mince pies and carrots
bananas , fruit , cookies and water
cookies milk gingerbread men and apple tarts
milk and biscuits

what is ireland's traditional dinner?

potatoes and beef
bacon and cabbage
irish stew

what is the famous irish beverage?


what event is ireland's national holiday?

what event is  ireland's national holiday?
st bridgets day
s.t patricks day
st brendans day