Ultimate quiz of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Find out if you really know all that happens to Harry in his second year at Hogwartz School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. BASED ON BOOK!!!

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Who was the mysterious creature to appear in harry's bedroom and disrupt uncle Vernon's business dinner?

a Goblin

What is the name of this creature?

How was Harry freed from the Dursly's?

Select the two correct answers
magiced window open and flew out on broomstick
Ron came to save him by getting the bars off his window
Weasly family flew the car and busted him out

How did Harry and the Weasly's get to Diagon Alley?

Through entrance in London, the Leaky Cauldron
Flew Powder

Who were the first friends Harry saw after immerging in Nocturn Alley?

Select the two correct answers
Rubeus Hagrid
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Ginny Weasley

What did Lucius Malfoy place in Ginny's cauldron in Flourish and Blotts?

A cursed object
A blank book
Tom Riddle's Diary

What is the name of the newest defence against the Dark arts teacher? (Full Name)

How many times did said teacher battle creatures and win the award for best smile? (first number for battles, second for award.)

Select the one correct answers
0 and 5
5 and 8
5 and 2

What was written on the wall a few weeks after term started?

Select the one correct answers
Beware the Chamber of Secrets has been opened
I'm going to kill you all
Beware all mudbloods, prepare to die

Who was found petrified next to the message?

What was Harry hearing in the walls?

Select the one correct answers
the Basilisk
nothing, he was imagining it
Someone playing a joke of him

What is the name of snake language? (one word)

Who was taken into the Chamber?

Hermione Granger
Cho Chang
Ginny Weasley

Who was expelled for opening the Chamber 50 years before? (one word)

What is Tom Riddle also known as?

Select the three correct answers
The Dark Lord
Not a clue
Lord Volepoort
Lord Voldemort

What did harry use to destroy the memory of Tom Riddle?

The Sword of Godric Griffindore
His Wand
Basilisk Fang
Pheonix Tears

What family did Dobby belong to?

The Riddle's
The Patil's
The Malfoy's

What did Harry give Mr. Malfoy after returning from the Chamber?

What was in the book that Dobby found?

A Sock, Dobby was set free
A book mark
A spare quill

Which house one the house cup?