Series 3 Quiz (1)

Series 3 Quiz (1)

this is only for fun :) question and answers will be all about series 3 Good Luck all :) xxx

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in the pub when agnes through she only had 5minutes before she dies
what did sharon drop behind the bar

Bottle of beer
Tray of glasses

when sharon was in the bar unable to get a date
what did she do to get one ?

Call an ex boyfriend
get cathy to get her one
hold up a paper bag & ask whats in it

when winnie was sitting in agnes kitchen she pulled out a book she got from sharon
what was the name of the book ?

Fifty shades of grey
the mammy by brendan o'carroll
abc of sex

when cathy went into the pub to get somthing off sharon in episode 3 what did she want off her ?

the number for the psychics

whats wrote on Sharon work top when she trys to get a date ?

Free Craic at foleys
foleys where love is blind
foleys new bar staff

in episode 4 there a special guest sitting at the bar but who was it ?

Chickie O'Neill (Grandads wife in real life)
Stephen McCrum
Willie Redmond (Giddy-eye)

what was the name of the final song in episode 6 ?

love on a hump back bridge
Grease Lightening
im on fire

in episode 6 rory and dino came smashing through Agnes kitchen
but what was the colour of there car ?


when winnie was talking to agnes in the kitchen
winnie said sharon speaks how meny languages