CRIMINAL LAW AS to help students with their studying . This quiz is about transferred malice.

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What is transferred malice?

mental element of the offence
the intention to commit a crime but against a different victim
a link between the defendant's act and the victim's injuries

The name of the case where the defendant threw a stone intending to hit people with whom he had been fighting?


What happened in Latimer?

a girl jumped from a car in order to escape from sexual advances
defendant aimed to hit a man with a belt but the belt bounced off and struck a woman in the face
defendant tore a gas meter from the wall of an empty house this caused gas to seep into the house next door where a woman was affected

What happens if the crime is different from what intended?(transferred malice)


Why the defendant in Pembliton wasn't guilty?

crime was different froom what intended
he was reckless
there was no mens rea

The defendant doesn't have a specific victim in mind


Which one is a general malice crime?

a person who starts killing his ex-bosses because they didn't want to promote him/her
a terrorist who plants a bomb in an offiice with the intention to kill anyone who happens to be there
a woman with the intention to cause GBH to her husband who cheat on her.twice.

There can be transferred malice only when

Hint: 2 choices
person to person
object to person
object to abject