how well do you know the Amur leopard?

how well do you know the Amur leopard?

you'll find out soon enough! Test your knowledge of the Amur leopard right here.

published on February 07, 20133 responses 2
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where does the Amur leopard live?

in theremote snowy forests in northern russia
in the remote snowy forests in western russia
in the sparse forests in eastern russia
all of the above

how much does the Amur leopard weigh?

Hint: 1 choice
160 pounds
150 pounds
140 pounds
all of the above

how fast can the Amur leopard run?

36 miles an hour
43 miles an hour
34 miles an hour
all of the above

where did the Amur leopard used to live before it became extinct there?

southern china and south korea
china and north korea
northern china and korea
all of the above

why are the Amur leopards going extinct?

habitat loss (logging and wild fires) and climate change
poaching (illegal hunting) and road building/ people taking over
their bones are used for traditional medicines
all of the above

how many are left in the wild?

all of the above