Working with Subject Matter Experts

Working with Subject Matter Experts

This is a Self Check for students who take the Working with Subject Matter Experts online course at

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choose at least 1 item you can bring to an interview with a SME to be prepared

Extra batteries
2 Pens and a note pad
Your interview questions

While conducting an interview with an SME, make the SME comfortable, taking the lead and staying focused during the interview, listen to the SME, utilize body language and allowing for appropriate pauses.


Name 2 of the 3 ways you can prepare for an intervew with an SME

Research the subject
Prepare direction of the interview
Prepare for shifts

Name two types of interviews with SMEs as defined by Maggiana


Name one action after an interview with an SME for follow up and debriefing

When information doesn't gibe from 2 different SMEs, pick the information that sounds best to you
Write up a summary of the main point covered from the interview
Use the information in the project right away without debriefing your boss

What is a professional way to conduct an interview with a SME?

Control the content, pace and tone of the meeting
Control the humor, body language and refreshments of the meeting
Control the pauses, answers and direction of the meeting

Name 3 basic components in the SME Interview

Call the SME and schedule an interview without preparing, show up to the interview on time, thank them for the interview
Prepare for the interview, conduct the interview, summarize key points and follow up as needed
Write interview questions, email the questions to the SME, use the material the SME provided