Random stuff to quiz about

Random stuff to quiz about

not any catagory, just questions about anything and everything... not a whole lot of description really needed

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Who won the superbowl of 2013?

The Ravens
The 49ers
The commercials

who in nascar is also known as the king of nascar?

Jeff Gordon
Richard Petty
Kurt Busch

Who is 20-0 at wrestlemania?

John Cena
The Undertaker
The Big Show

who is our president?


who is the chairman of the WWE?

Vincent J McMahon
Vincent K McMahon
Donald Trump

Who won the final battle?

The Nerd
The Critic

Who is the best in the world?

The creater of this quiz
the person taking this quiz
hell if i know

Who sings "Lowlife"?

Theory of a Deadman
Ozzy Osbourne

Who was the first ever money in the bank winner?

Dolph Ziggler
Hulk Hogan

Final question: Who is better? (Two possible answers)

Select the two correct answers
Miranda Lambert
Taylor Swift
Kelly Kelly
Natalie Portman
Amy Lee
Hilary Clinton
Bella (Twilight)