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Enjoy this.

Questions about elementary school, middle school, and high school bullshit.

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Easy question... Which of the following was held back in first grade?

EJ Laffin
Blake Wilson
Jacob Jenkins

Which of the following yelled at Allen Gibbs in sixth grade for throwing a Cheeto at lunch?

Ms. Kargbo (Fish Lips)
The woman who sang opera to herself while covering her mouth with her hands
Mr. Flores
Ms. Russo

Who cried in fifth grade because he did not win the class presidency election?

Alex Place
Louie Balinang
Calvin Pollard
Winston Duncan

Select all of the following that Kyra had a crush on in ele. school (2)

Hint: 2 choices
Ian Levinson
Allen Gibbs
Dan Donahoe
Evan Sweatt
Winston Duncan
Zoli Molnar

Who was the person who made the girls in Ms. Schaeffer's class go to Ms. Freaking Rudick for weeks because she felt "excluded"?

Emily Boda
Danitza Saavedra
Karina Hemindinger
Kitty Harren

Which of the following did I NOT have a crush on in ele/middle school?

Daniel Overbeek
Bobby Fottrell
Allen Gibbs
Zoli Molnar

Click all who attended Halloween at Jessica's house in 2008

Hint: 9 choices
Megan Wrobel
Innis Hitt
Lauren McCabe
Caroline Porter
Kathleen Butler
Natalie Richardson
Olivia Craighead
Katie Smith
Kalyn McNulty
Jessica Thurman
Kyra Gray
Ariel Singh
Alexa Coyle

What was the name of the musician that came to Nottingham and created a song with every class? (Fourth grade).

Dr. Dan
Dr. Dave
Dr. Drake
Dr. Oz

In "E. I. E. I...Oops!", who was the only male cat?

Connor Bock
Connor Currie
Luke Withycombe
Allen Gibbs

Which of the following did I NOT date... (ever).

Jonathan Shears
Jon Roellke
Allen Gibbs
Lucas Wedemann
Luke Withycombe

In fourth grade, who farted while Ms. Morales-Keck was reading "Fig Pudding" to the class?

Ian Elliott
Joe Crawford
Daniel Overbeek
Sam Lammie

What was the theme of the May Fest in 2006? (Fifth grade).

Miles of Smiles
Wild West

What was the name of the dinosaur that Bennett Vogelsang drew in every yearbook that he signed in seventh grade?


What was the name of the girl who wore tu-tu's and crazy hair pieces to school in seventh grade? (Hint: dated Philip Lents).

Carolanne Wilson
Carolanne Morrison
Carolanne Palmer
Carolanne Stephens

Speaking of strange people, what was the name of the girl who was only here in eighth grade and dated Cosme?

Pooja Sharma
Maddi Kidd
Christa Warner
Christina Giarusso
Claire Gilbert

What was the name of the blonde girl a year younger than us that everyone seemed to dislike for some reason? (She moved).

Jade East
Jade West
Jade North
Jade South

Who made her acting debut in the eighth grade production of "Soft Soap"?

Caroline Ruffing
Beth Clark
Megan Wrobel
Olivia Craighead

Select all of which were songs in the first grade play (6)

Hint: 6 choices
The Whole Barnyard is Singin'
E. I. E. I.... Oops!
Old McDonald
Hay Fever
Cute Chicks
The Dog's Day
Lost Sheep
Cat's Meow
Talk to the Animals

Choose all that were NOT on the Dailies (Daily's?) all the f'ing time... (2).

Hint: 2 choices
Erinn Spack
Judy Crews
Scott Beniot
Nick Beirne
Hunter Rheume
John Yoest
Lori Hancock
Sam Nottingham

What song played on the first airing of the Daily's (Dailies..?) our freshman year?

Just Dance
Tik Tok
Good Girls Go Bad

Which of the following did NOT sit at our lunch table (for a while) in 6th-8th grade?

Kalyn McNulty
Kyra Gray
Natalie Richardson
Leah Donlavage

Who fell off the loading dock and faked amnesia?

Abby Young
Emily Zavrel
Izzy Karamitsos

Who went on a rampage in early fourth grade on the field during a soccer game at recess and broke Kitty's glasses?

Alexandra Cosse
Kirby Miller
Angela Chang
Leah Donlavage

Select all of the new students we had come to Nottingham in third grade (this probably isn't all of them, 5).

Hint: 5 choices
Nathan George
Danitza Saavedra
Alexandra Cosse
Sarah Cortes
Winston Duncan
Patrick Gorman
Olivia Craighead
Jasmine Bobo

Who was called out for deep-throat.ing (I have to put that . in there or else this site won't let me use that word) a banana in tenth grade?

Julia Walters
Izzy Linzer
Morgan Timme
Annie Lacey