How well do you now chapter books ? By Madeline L

Take this quiz . It is a test of how many chapter books do you actually know some populate kids chapter books.

published on May 06, 20167 responses 2

Who is the main character in direly of a wimpy kid


What type of livening thing are the characters from geromino stilitoin?

None of the above

Who is the author of the series island,dive and Everest ?

Adam sander
Laminae snicet
Gordon Korman

What is the first bad event in the series of unfortunate events?

A tornado
A murder
Move in with count olf
A wild fire destroys there house
Aunt gets eaten by leaches

What is the 2nd to the book smile ?

The baby sitting club
Meet Raina

What is a number one classic favourite for girls?

Little princess
The secret garden
Tuck everlasting