Piotrkow quiz

Piotrkow quiz

A quiz about Piotrków Trybunalski city made in a e-twinning project by romanian partner

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One of the local legends says that Piotrków owes its origins to:

a. Czech settlers
b. Tatar settlers
c. Otoman invaders

Felicjan Kępiński was

a. Pilot
b. Social worker
c. Doctor in philosophy

Now, the Jewish synagogue serves as:

a. church
b. city hall
c. library

The first foreign nation that settled in Piotrkow was:

a. Czechs
b. Jews
c. Greeks

The Greeks came to Piotrków in wich century:

a. 14th
b. 16th
c. 18th

The Protestants that came in Piotrkow in 1793 were:

a. germans
b. otomans
c. greeks

The mayor Antoni Vicini was from a family of:

a. Italin merchants
b. Scottish craftsmen
c. Greek ruler

Piotrkow city have been under the rule of:

a. the Prussian king
b. the Spanish King
c. the Italian king

Now, in Piotrkow are churches and temples:

a. Jewish synagogue
b. German Protestant church
c. Greek Catholic Church
d. all above