Why is there a lowest temperature and not a hottest temperature?

We all the Absolute Zero −273.15° Celsius, −459.67° Fahrenheit but not any maximum limit.

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Temperature is related to heat. Heat is the measure of energy in an object. When you rub your hands together, the movement causes warmth. That's an example of generating heat.
Basically, Heat=Energy.
It is theoretically possible to have an object with no energy. (It's physically not possible, but that's another subject.) An object with no energy will generate no heat, and be the coldest. There is no such thing as "negative" energy which is why you can't have anything colder.
on August 04, 2015
There is an absolute zero in cold where NOTHING is moving at all, since heat is how fast particles move you can't get colder than not moving
on January 17, 2015
Here’s why:
The slower the particles move, the colder it is. Absolute zero is when the particles don’t move. There’s no way to go slower than not moving hence it’s the lowest temperature. But there’s no limit to how fast the particles move. Well, there is but we’re not talking physically so yeah
on April 06
Theres no maximum (er...minimum) limit for cold either...
on January 17, 2015