Possible overweighted Tracker Panfish 16 2001 year.

I purchased a used Panfish 16' and previous owner had removed the interior floor and front deck. Before a nice re-carpet job he replaced the floor and deck on front with 3/16" aluminum for a total weight addition of approximately 155# - 165#. Motor is a 2006 Evinrude Etec 40HP with T/T. Have a 12 gal. tank, water separator, and two batteries. A 55# Minnkota is on the front with about another 30 pounds of misc.

Problem is at full throttle the water at the transom rises straight up parallel to transom, sprays up and to each side about 15' high x 30' O.A. side to side. Water also comes over the transom into rear of boat at a very high rate. Working with the trim with two men (350#) helps to lower the size of water flow and less water comes into the rear of boat. Can anyone offer any ideas. Thanks, WQ in Ms.

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I have owned a boat so I can't really help...
on October 14, 2014