My dog is missing its owner because he works away what can I do

My dad works away and we have a dog him and the dog got really close when he was home now he has left for work again and doesn't come home for 5 weeks the dog won't stop howling and crying outside at like 1 in the morning when he comes inside he runs around the house looks in every room. What can we do? And don't say bring dad home a real answer. Please help!!!

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Your dog is highly missing your father, allow him to hear your fathers voice on the phone once a day, this will comfort him and stop the behavior.
Also you may need to get closer to the dog, or try training him new tricks to distract him.
on August 13, 2014
ok, try to make him feel at home, comfort him and let him know that your there, and you will be there for him. If he wont stop barking, you have to tell him NO. I hope you will take my advice seriously, IV'E HAD EXPIRIENCE!
on January 28, 2013