I would like your advice

I have been friends this this friend for many
Years for the last 5 years we are best friends but now there
Is a problem I am falling in love for him I asked if he felt
The same way for me every time we met to hang out he
Says to me that he just wants to be best friends and I don’t
Want to make any mistakes this is very confusing to me
So I am confused and very frustrated I don’t know what to do
What do I need to do to prove that I am the one for him

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This isn't what you want to hear. But you don't. I don't think you should pressure him into liking him, then he won't like you because he'll think you are pushy. Just keep being friends, keep yourself from thinking of him in any romantic way, and start looking at other guys more... hope it helped, and good luck!!
on September 20, 2012
Oh I know! GO TO KARAOKE AND SING SAY SOMETHING! Or listen tell him u like the song say something cuz it RELATES TO YOUR LIFE. Honestly, that guy needs to get a clue.
on February 28, 2014
First of all you should calm down and try to understand his perspective. Once you've done that you should know that sometimes things have to happen naturally so don't try to force this, just be happy he wants to be friends and have fun with that
on November 24, 2013
my brother has the same prob with a girl he likes and i can tell you right now that it is pretty hard on him. just make sure he really knows how you feal about him and if he likes you too he'll start to show obvious signs
on November 21, 2013
All you can do i be his friend. Guys are not as nearly confusing as us girl think they are. When they say "I want to be best friends", that's exactly what they want. They want to know that they will always have that one "girl" friend that will always be there for him. You could ruin everything if you tried to convence him or change his mind about you. If you truely care about him, wouldnt you rather be in his life as his friend than not in his life at all?
on August 30, 2013
Try flirting with him and being sexy around him or try making him jealous
on May 02, 2013
Same prob w/ me: Just take it slow ask him to a dance as a friend. Thats what I'm doing and Ive know him for almost 7 years now
on December 08, 2012
I agree with Leigh07 . Follow his advice.
on September 27, 2012