would you survive in a horror movie

would you survive in a horror movie

have you ever wanted to be in a real life horror movie? well think again! you might die straight away

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on the news you hear that there is a new job that pays a lot and its a night guard at Freddie fazbears pizza
and you only have $10 left

what do you do

get the job anyway
keep watching the news if there are any better jobs
take the job and bring a knife, a shotgun, a bat and a blowtorch

to you what is the best weapon

a bat!
bow and arrow
my fist! i'm super strong

if you where in a zombie apacolypse what is most important

family and friends and making sure theyre safe
all of the above

you are home alone with your baby sister and you see a mysterious man outside

what do you do

AHH i've heard this story too
ignore him
call the cops
hit him with a bat or a tazor

what kind of horror movies/shows do you like

anything scary
(goosebumps,haunting hour)
(walking dead)
family scary
(ghost busters,monster house,paranormal)
bloody scary
(hunger games,edge of tomorrow)
fighting scary
(iron monkey,karate kid)

you are home alone and you hear shuffaling footsteps

what do you do

run and hide
im not afraid!
grab a bat and check it out
pretend it never happened
call your parents

do you like horror movies

yes duh
ummmmmmmm . . .

you are on the road with your baby sister and its late and you need a place to sleep but the only one near you looks haunted and you don't have a lot of fuel left

what do you do

walk to the nearest hotel
go in anyway
sleep on the car
drive to the next hotel even if its 5km away
drive away

How old are you


you are a little drunk and you are walking home and you hear ''click click slide''

what do you do

keep walking its probably your imagination cus your drunk
AAH I heard that story! run to the police

its midnight and you are lost in a forest with no path

what do you do

scream for help
call the police
keep walking
find a nice place to sleep and keep walking in the morning
i wouldnt be out at midnight

you are sleeping and you are home alone and you hear someone call your name

check it out
grab a gun and go back to sleep
ignore it
call your parents and the cops