what pokemon are you? (8)

what pokemon are you? (8)

and im back to the pokemon world.oh hey so wonder if your one of my favorite pokemons...wait what am i saying i have an idea,ill make a quiz to see if you are my favorite pokemon.

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you see someone super mad you...

this girl is on fire!!
ahh the house is on fire mine will be on to if i dont to anything about it!"gets water"
theres a thunder storm ill control it!

your hangry(hungry and angry at the same time)and you want food right now you...

since im angry..."fire comes out of mouth and ears"its easier to cook like this...
''spits out water and boils"
"thunders"done cooking

your in school then there is a thunder storm you..

if it thunders here there will be fire!
yay my favorite!
lets get water if it thunders here...

fav you know alredy it starts with col ends with or


are you tall or short?

me:you mean fat right?

are you kawai?

yes everyone tells me im
no they say im ugly ''crying''

what do you wear?

fake tails
me:are you in a cosplay thingy
flufly stuff its contrable
a shell
me:so you are a turtle

your in a pool its hot you..

it feels like the legendary hot bath with how hot i am
its hot "puts ice in it"
ahh im perfect for this one in a while

its about time to go home but they didn't come to pick you up and you had your suim suit you..

secretly go to the pool
stay in school theres a thunder storm
keep waiting they leave far away


now to take a bath
now its thundering,damn.
its raining and i forgot to get the clothes...