What Faction are you in? (MA)

The official faction quiz that Cassie takes in W a t t p a d series Magicat Academy.

published on October 15, 20173 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

What do you do in a argument?

Run! I don't wanna get into a fight!
Fight. I don't want to deal with this idiot any longer.
Carry on with the argument. With any luck I will win.
Reason with them. If they propose a fight them still try to reason with them. Fight back if it gets to far.

Why are you in Magicat Academy?

The fights and drama.
The friends!
I found it on the internet./My parents made me go.
I thought it sounded awesome!

How do you like friends?

Like I like my chicken! (Trey Songz reference haha)
Strong and willing to fight.
Calm and peaceful!

What do you think of Mrs.Claws?

She's stupid.
She's nice.
She's willing to do anything.
I don't really know...

Finally, what faction do you wanna be in?