Does he like you? Quiz for girls only

not sure if your crush likes you? Take the test to find out! Maybe the one you like could be the one

published on January 03, 201627 responses 7 4.5★ / 5

First Does he know you exist

Yes we hang out all the time
Yes but we don't ever hang out
No but I know he exists

Have you and him ever spoke

Yes a little
All day every day
No never

Have you ever made eye contact

YES YES YES we make ALOT of eye contact
We make a little bit in the hall between classes but never any time else
NO never ever

Have you ever caught him staring at you

YES we are talking ALOT
Every once in a while
No he doesn't even know I exist
No he's only into girls with makeup

Ok last question does he have a girlfriend already

YES she's my worst nightmare CHEER CAPTIN