What girl from The List are you?

What girl from The List are you?

From the book by Siobhan Vivian, the List. Praise for the List: "I devoured the list." - Sara Shepard, author of Pretty Little Liars

published on September 05, 201430 responses 4
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Why are you excited for homecoming?

Why are you excited for homecoming?
To dance with boys and have a good time!
To hang out with my boyfriend and bond more!
To hang out with my friends at the punch table, laughing and talking!
Homecoming? Well, if I do go, showing off my awesome makeup and dress!
To dance with my boyfriend, best friends, and little sister and forget the time of day!
To shake my B.O everywhere so nobody can enjoy it!
Become homecoming queen and have my boyfriend become homecoming king, then dance the night away and have all my worries melt away!
When I become homecoming queen: I probably am going to!

What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite color?
Light Blue/ Turquoise
Light Pink or Hot Pink
Bronze, Gold, or Silver
Dark Blue

When you get on your phone, what is the first thing you do?

When you get on your phone, what is the first thing you do?
Check if I got friended on Facebook
Text my boyfriend
Check my Instagram notifications
Make a Video Star video with my best friends
Snapchat my sister funny things
Who needs phones? They are pieces of useless junk.
Play some Candy Crush to clear my mind.
Post a selfie to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook

What is your outlook on your school?

What is your outlook on your school?
It's a pretty nice school, with beautiful greenery and a suitable building. The teachers are awesome, (well, that is, except for the ones who are always like "I LOVE your older sister", but my grades are dropping.
I think the school itself is pretty nice, but the people in it? No. Way. The "jocks" are always teasing me for being a tomboy, and NO, I don't like that, if you ask me.
The building is beautiful and the flowers outside are pink and beautiful, blossoming around the door. I have friends inside, too, friends that really like me, friends I can appreciate and come to adore. So I like it!
Uh.. So the school is nice but my grades are dropping gradually and classes are really boring, I, uh, lost my group of friends, so, yeah. Besides, I care more about my beauty then my brains. That's what gets you a good boyfriend.
I have a group of awesome friends, the classes are easy, the bathrooms are comfortable and not icky like other schools, and the classrooms are clean and warm. That's my opinion.
My opinion of this stupid, useless, trashy school is no good. Our principal is worrisome and all like, "Oh, I'm sorry you fell and didn't get hurt, let's rush you home, hon! Uh! UHH!" I hate everyone at this no good, rotten school.
I have friends, I'm on the cheer-leading team, and I do a great job at cheerleading. It's a nice school. I think the principal and everybody here except for the bullies (scowls) are cool people.
Well, at first, nobody liked me, but now that I have friends, it's great! My grades are increasing, I do a lovely lovely job of impressing the teachers (and principals!) and everybody else likes me, it seems...

How would your friends describe you?

How would your friends describe you?
Good at Hiding Something
Um... well... like... awesome?
Sweet and funny
What friends? I don't have friends and I don't want 'em!