Are you Goth, Emo or Neither?

I decided it would be fun to make another test to see if you are Goth, Emo, or just a normal person. I am Goth and while I have nothing against normal people, I have no idea why you do some things. So here is my test.

published on March 12, 201723 responses 6 5.0★ / 5

How would other people describe you?

Socially distant, stays away from everyone, dresses weird
dresses weird, listens to weird music, different, odd
a normal person, part of a group

Makeup and Hair?

Dark eyeliner, dark lipstick, black hair
dark eye shadow, lipstick, dark hair with dyed colors through it
Normal hair, maybe dyed

What do you think of as paradise?

A dark room, devoid of other life-forms
Dark room, with some sunlight and some other life-forms
Bright room with other people

What is your favorite color combination?

Back, Red, Purple, Green
Black, Blue, Green, Purple
Colors of the rainbow, pink, orange yellow

How do you dress

dark colors, lace, leather
Dark colors with neon/other color accsent
Normal, whatever is the trend