Love at Hogwarts ---Harry or draco

Who will you chose to love? The famous Harry potter or the curious draco Malfoy?

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Some strange boy sees you are sitting alone on the hogwarts express. He asks you if he could sit there pointing at an empty seat. You say sure, hoping to make at least one friend on your first year. He says, " My name is Draco. What's your name?" You say, "my name is _____." You two become friends on the train ride.

Oh, is it getting hotter in here...?
Blech gross he keeps looking at meeee.
What good friends we are.
He is such a loser he's so annoying.

Draco gets sorted into slytherin. You do 2. He saves you a seat. You...

Sit there immediately.
Reject it.
Thank the kind offer and sit there.
Roll you eyes at him.

The next day they go to their first class. You bump into a boy with an odd scar on his forehead. He looks confused. So your offer him help finding his next class.

Ooooooh.... he's kind of cute...
Hurl I have a crush on draco
I don't care.
He seems nice

The next year. This is the year to confront your true feelings to ___

Draco he is so dreamy....
Harry he's nice and brave and....

Okay if this isn't your scenario, I'm sorry. Say you like draco. He says he likes you too. Then you see his face. It was close to yours. He kisses you. But you see harry standing there. He looks sad and you see a tear running down his cheek. He runs away. You...

Think, forget him.
Tell draco that you will be right back and
you run twards harry
Just run after harry.
Kiss draco again.

You and draco are dating now. It's the next year. You want to tell draco that...

You have had feelings for someone else.
Harry. And that you should break up.
You are muggleborn and that you don't want
this to come between them.
Harry asked me out and you said yes
because you didn't want to hurt him.
You want to meet him in the slytherin
commonroom at 9:00 sharp.

Harry asks you out. What do you say?

Sorry but I'm dating Draco.

Draco asks you to the yule ball what do you say?


Are you ready for your results???

Yeah sure I hope it's Draco!
Yeah sure I hope it's Harry!