Which Harry Potter team are you?

Know if you are a Ravenclaw,Gryffindor,Hufflepuff or Slytherin Take the test now!

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You are about to be captured by an enemy,and you ended up on a cliff.What will you do?

Be courageous enough to risk your life on jumping on the other side by using your grappling hook.
When they are about to capture you,you grab their hand and push them off the cliff.You thought to
yourself that you did the most logical way.
You use the grappling hook as a rope and tie them all up.You use your sources very wisely
Even though your things that are with you are useless.You try and try until you defeat them with
patience and hard work.

What element do you prefer?


What common room would you prefer?

Basement That Has A Secret Barrel That is needed to be tapped In order to Enter
Dungeon where is harder to find because it is under a lake
High Tower With a Password to Enter
Tower With A Simple Riddle To Enter

Which Of These Animals Is your Favorite?


If you were going to be asked what ghost for your team will be the best,what will it be?

Nearly Headless Nick
Fat Friar
Grey Lady
Bloody Baron