Which dog breed are you?

Which dog breed are you?

Not all dogs are the same. Dogs have different interests, needs and personalities, just like people. Find out which one you are most similar to. (Do not use this as a guide to choosing a pet. You may regret it)

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What would you rather do with your friends?

Go to a cafe
Play sport
Watch a funny movie

What is your physical talent?

I am super speedy and agile
I am strong
I have good balance
I can sit on my sofa for long periods of time

How many friends do you have?

Not very many
Quite a few

Choose one word to describe yourself.

Free-spitited (that is not two words because of the hyphen)

How much time do you spend on your appearance?

More than I'd like to admit
Whatever is needed to look presentable
I'm a thirty-second person

Choose a Hogwarts house.

Choose a Hogwarts house.
Ravenclaw and hey, did you know that the Latin motto means 'Never tickle a sleeping dragon?'

On a cold night, what would you rather eat?

Fish and chips
Wood-oven pizza
Meat pie

What do you do when you are embarrassed?

Get over it pretty quick
Take some time to yourself for a while
I'm not too happy about it