Would I like you?(boys only)

I'm just sitting here thinking about boys so,since I'm a girl this what I think of

published on January 29, 201617 responses 1

You see a cute girl sitting there you look at her you blush you...

Ask her to go for a date
Look at her body
Keep thinking
Keep walking but you go back
I'm not obsessed with girls

You walk towards a girl she asked you to go for a date you...

Sorry I'm to busy
Say yes
Think about it

The same girl that asked you to a date asked you to her house you...

Say yes
No I can't

You visit the cute girl you saw you stay there the whole day at night when you where going to take a bath she was taking a bath you...

Asked if you could join
Get back to the room the gave you
Leave silent and pretend that you didn't see anything

You are in the house of the girl who asked you for a date and she asked if you could bath together you...

Say yes
Say no

You asked the cute girl for a date and she said yes while the other one came instead and the the other one gets there and then they were both enemy's you...

The one I liked was the cute one I'll stay with her
The one I liked wasn't the cute one I'll stay with the other one
Go 2-timer mode
Leave both

You go to the movies both of the girls are there they sit next to you,you...

Go with the cute one
Go with the one that asked you for a date
Ignore them
Pretend the movie is bad and leave