Sonic WWFFY 2 (1)

Sonic WWFFY 2 (1)

Okey-dokey. So, I was bored, so I made another one! Remember what happened last time? If you don't, then take my first one pleeease. Enjoy!

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You wake up to muffled voices whispering amongst themselves. Slowly, you sit up and peer around. You hear someone whisper something and then the voices go silent. A pale blue creature is pushed forward.

Omg! A monster! Dx
-.- Who are you?
What's going on? I want to go home!
Stay back! I'm armed! >:O

The pale blue thing holds out its hands.
"Hey. Hey, it's okay. We won't hurt you. My names Cora. Who are you?"

Oh, okay. My name's ___.
XD Yeah right. Like I'm telling you.
I'm ___...
Sup. The name's ___.

Cora nodded and smiled awkwardly.
"These are my friends Sonic, Shadow, Scourge, and Silver."

Cool names!
Meh -.-
Um... Hi.
Nice to meet you! 83

Sonic steps forward.
"Hi. We're going to get you out of here, okay?"

Omg! :o You're that blue dude who tried to
help me up earlier!
I don't need your help. -n- (Sonic: *shrugs*
Okay then)
Okay! Thank you!
Thank God! I thought I was gonna die!

Cora stood in the corner with Sonic examining the wall, Silver sat alone by the corner, and Scourge was annoying Shadow who had his arms crossed across his chest with a dangerous expression on his face

Hey! :o Stop talkingto Sonjc , he's mine!
(Cora: What? .-. )
Hey Shadow. :3 Kill Scourge.
Silver looks like he needs some company...
Imma just sit and wait until someone
includes me. °^°

Suddenly an explosion sounded in the air. You fell down and your ears were ringing painfully. Muffled shouts yelled to get up and run, but you couldn't move.

DX I can't move!
Hey! Don't leave me here!
Help! Please help me!
Omg! Come back!

You feel someone scoop you up and begin running back to the clearing with the house. As the house comes into view, you black out. Again.

Not again! -.-
You're making me seem weak...
Well I'm glad someone helped me...
Ugh! This is getting annoying!

You wake up on the ground. Sonic and Cora are kneeling next to you.

-.- Go away.
Where's Silver? *blushes* I mean, where's
everyone else? (Cora: *raises euebrow*)
Yo, dawg. What up?

"You've been through a lot, will be ready in an hour, so why don't you rest?" Cora says.

Rest is for the weak! >:0 I feel like running a
Oh... Okay. Thank you.
Right. need my beauty sleep.

A few minutes later, Sonic walks in, followed by Silver and Shadow.
"We're going to show you around the house." Says Silver. Sonic nods and Shadow just grunts.

Cool! :D
Yesh, yeah.
Hey, where's Scourge? (Sonic: He's helping
Cora with cooking.) D:

Shadow leads you to a room.
"This is your room." He said as he opened the door.

Woah! Cool, blue paint! My favorite! :D
At least its dark... (Shadow: Hm...) What! -.-
(Shadow: Nothing.)
Thank you! I love the color white!
Cool! Green! 8D

Cora walks up to you.
"Dinner's almost done. You have time to go to one more place."

I'll just stay on the sofa.
I'll go to the basement so I be alone.
I'll go to garden! It's so pretty.
I'll just be in my room.

Cora nods and smiles.
"Have fun!" She said as she ran back to the kitchen.

Thanks! :D
Alright!Tell me you need help!
Swag. (Cora: .-.)

Well, that's it for this quiz! I hope you had fun!

I did!
It was an okay quiz.
Thanks! It was great!
It was good! ^-^

XD I lied. This is the last question.

Not cool, man.
-.- Screw this.
Um, okay.

And... Bye! :D

Buh-bye! 83
That was it?! -.-
I like your quiz! ^-^
Baii! 030