which glee characters are you most like?(edited!)

which glee characters are you most like?(edited!)

I'm bored and I really like glee(been a gleek since 2008), so I decided I would make this quiz! the characters include: Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, and Sue! Good luck!

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How would you describe yourself?


in high school, which clique are/were you part of?

the misfits
the s1uts
the cool kids(jocks,cheerleaders,etc)
the weird ones

Do you WANT to be popular?

i like being me. so if they don't like me for me, their loss!
i already am!

if you could go back and relive high school years, what would you do differently?

i'd be nicer, i guess...
join more clubs!
are you CRAZY?!?! I would rather eat my own poo than relive high school! i barely survived the first time!
I'd have beat Rachel in that stupid diva-off!!
found my true love!

what do people like the most about you?

my HOT body!
my ambition(desire to go for what i believe in)
my leadership
how nice I am

which would you rather do in life?

PERFORM! broadway here I come!
none of these

have you had a tough life?

oh yes! Always been the misfit with big dreams of being a star!
my life is ok. a couple problems here and there.
yes. but I don't mind a little misery on my pathway to stardom!

how do you feel about other people's opinions of you?

I take them all into consideration and utilize them to my advantage to making myself as perfect as possible!
honestly, I could care less.
i care just a tad bit, but try not to let it show.

what are your motivations?

I live for the competition!
family and friends

what are your fears?

being a failure in life!
none of these. I am one fearless b!tch!!

how could this be better? (free question)

adding Britney as a character on here!
Adding Blaine to this!
It's already really good!
honestly, this needs Jesus because this SUCKS.
you should add Unique!!
you should add Mr. Schue!

bonus! who is your fave celebrity?

Lady Gaga!
Aretha Franklin!
Fanny Brice!
idk... I don't really idolize people.
Marilyn Monroe!
Britney Spears!