what kind of warrior cat are you? (2)

see if you are kit apprentice warrior medic medic apprentice deputy or leader!

published on August 10, 20157 responses 2
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your mother calls for you but shadow clan warriors surround you.you........

ask them to go away
hiss " leave me alone pieces of crow food"
join shadow clan
look at them with terror and yowl for mommy

your now a apprentice and your mentor is the evil tiger claw..... you

mew " alright can we start training tomorrow tiger claw?
shrugg and mew " ok if i must"
yowl at leader " i want another mentor!"
say nothing

your a warrior! congtrats but u have to go to moonstone with leader after WITHOUT A DEPUTY IN CAMP you........

ask leader " shall i stay at camp and protect leaders an queens
refuse and say " but the camp has no deputy!
refuse completely and not say a word
go along since you don't want to be killed on the first day!

your now deputy but tiger claw is now tigerstar! what do you do

leave shadow clan alone and let them be
make battle with them
join shadow clan and become its deputy
dont do anything

ur leader by the name of lilystar. you.....

thank star clan in ur den before you sleep
say " thanks for the nine lives star clan but not my name "
say nothing
say nothing at all