Who is your Narnian boyfriend?

Who is your Narnian boyfriend?

To any Narnia fans, we have all wondered who is perfect for us. Just begin this quiz and find out! (This was made for girl but I don't discriminate.)

published on July 26, 2017104 responses 6
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How were the chronicles or Narnia?

It could be better
It was amazing
It was beautiful

A strange lion comes into a tent your in...

Lure it in by saying, "here, kitty, kitty, kitty."
Stare at it in awe
Bow down to him
Pretend not to be scared... But want to run, scream, and hide.

You've been crowned queen, what your title? (Y/N: Your Name)

Queen Y/N the Fair
Queen Y/N the Outstanding
Queen Y/N e Courageous
Queen Y/N the Beautiful

Your asked to be crowned queen. What do you say?

Heck yeah!
Are you serious!?
M-me? Queen?
I'm not sure I'm ready

You have an encounter with someone, who claims he rules Narnia. Do you stick around with him?

Yeah I stay! As long as he gives me some food, I'm all good. And complements me.
No way. There are only 4 rulers, and one high king. I will be loyal to the kings and queens of old.
I'll ask him some questions, then continue to proceed on my way.
Run. Scream. Hide.

Do you consider yourself brave?

I'm the bravest of the brave. The most fearless of the fearless. Nothing can stop me!
Sometimes I'm brave, other times I just can't be.
Is it a bad time to run, scream, and hide?
I'll do what er it takes to protect what's special to me.

Pick a phrase that means something to you.

Do what is necessary
Do what is right
Do what is logical
Do what is best

What was your first reaction when you entered Narnia?

I've lived here my whole life!
It was terrifying, there was talking animals!
Animals shouldn't talk!
I didn't think much of it. I've always been one to believe in magic.
I was scary, but I went with it. I did have some people to help me along the way.