Which Study Buddy are you?

Figure out which ADPi study buddy personality you relate to the most! Know if you're a Cecilia, Elaine, Emily J, Jenna, Julianne, Kathleen, Kathryn, Katie, Nina, or a Paxton!

published on December 11, 201415 responses 0

Celeb Crush - Male

Paul Rudd
Harry Styles
Zac Efron
Miles Teller
James Franco
Channing Tatum
Dude from Blank Space video
Hugh Jackman
Chase Crawford

What are you most likely to say?

lets f sh*t up
Shut the f up
whaddup dough... u know das rite
am i being alot?
{two thumbs up emojis}
{sarcastic undertone}
i think i made out with another freshman last night...?

Who are you at the party?

Tequila Shots
Trying to get a free drink
Usually spitting up
anything could happen
Drunk eyes on the prowl for dranks
Four loko in a champagne bottle
slurring whilst yelling at someone

Drink of Choice

Rum and Diet
Whiskey Ginger
Gin and Tonic
Rum and Coke
Taaka Water + Crystal Lite
Bloody Mary with Bacon
Anything vodka.
you can't have Gin and Tonic I want that

Celeb Crush - female

Mindy Kaling
Jennifer Anniston
Emma Watson
Cameron Diaz
Miranda Kerr
Blake Lively
Kate Middleton
Kate Hudson

Where do you see yourself in ten years

married to Harry Styles
Financial Analyst / Wedding Planner
married to an engineer
ew I'll be 30
having an affair with my pool boy
I just want money and a family
teaching 8 minute buns
still fing shit up
still a cougar
reliving glory days - President of ADPi mother's club

How do you finish your night?

In bed, vomit in hair
drunk stalking ex on social media
drunk eating kale out of late plates
naked at KA
shacking at Lambda Chi
in my bed
dancing on elevated surfaces
inappropriately drunk -- yelling at others
making out in volvo
in bed with mono

What's your favorite food?

Chipotle hands down
I like Kale
i think i'm just queso
Taco Bell

Favorite movie

forgetting sarah marshall
the proposal
i mean i like the grinch but that's so seasonal
school of rock
dead poets society
les mis / phantom of the opera
i'm more of a TV person
i hate movies
can't decide

What do you look for in a guy?

a forearm
british high-schooler
they make me giggle
depends on how much i drink
Boys from my hometown
the band
hitler-approved (arian)
someone taller than me
tall dark and handsome
not my age