Would I date you? (48)

This is just for fun. I'm pan, 17, and nonbinary. I just want to see how many people I could put up with. <3 Just so you know, there might be some controversial content. I would not suggest if you are easily offended. This is more of a binge quiz :)

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Would I date you? (48)
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what do you identify with? (doesn't affect your results, just curious)

Non binary
cis male
cis female
trans- female

What's your favorite color? (I know sorry)

What's your favorite color? (I know sorry)
Black, purple, blue
Black, purple, blue
Green, yellow
Green, yellow
Red, orange, pink
Red, orange, pink
All of the above
All of the above
None, this is stupid. *me: okay and-*
None, this is stupid. *me: okay and-*

How old are you?

20> *me:..uMmmM..*

What do you value the most?

honesty, virtue, love
ambition, hard work, determination
knowledge, kindness, open minded
reliable, responsible, analytical
all of the above

What do you date for?

their body

Do you care about race? *me: i know it seems controversial, but i need to know, for me love is love, so this will affect your score* pls don't come for me, personally i just go for personality.

No, we are all human, but i am proud of my heritage *me: that's awesome*
yes i want them to be the same race as me *me:... m k....*
yes, i want someone to have a different race as me
No, i care about personality

Do you think i'm cute?

Do you think i'm cute?
your okay
You're SO CUTE!
u ugly
your beautiful <3 *me:.... 0////0: thank you...*

Would you kill someone? o-o *you:... me: WHAT? i like being safe! you: tf me: relatable*

yes *me: pls don't kill anyone, or me, or anything, i still have crap to do and if you do, I will haunt everyday of every
minute... sorry, i would tho, I don't take death lightly*
only in self defense
no, not even in self defense. *me: pls be safe!!!!*
no, never

If you dated me, would you cheat? *you: that's a bit straight forward, isn't it? me: yes, i like it better that way and i am pretty blunt, not joking.*

Yes, i got bored. *me: lowkey hate you*
yes, i couldn't help it they were so pretty! *me: tf*
yes, on accident! *me: that's what my dad said to my mom.... and now they are divorced. -_-*
No (lying)
No, I'm a loyal being!!! *me: YOU ARE THE SWEETEST BEING IN THE WORLD!!!!... sorry...*
no, i wouldn't, if i wanted to see other people i would break up with you. *me: thank you for being honest*
i wouldn't date you u are my fam

What do you care about the most?

my work
the one i love
to have a happy life

How do you treat your mother? *me: I know it's a weird question, but I believe in science! And yes it does affect your score!*

She is my best friend! we do everything together!
She is my servant! *me: -_-... m k...*
she's not in my life... *me: I'm sorry, that's rough... :.:*
i do everything for her, whether if i want to or not..
i want to give her the world!!!
i hate her! (has a reason to hate her)
i hate her! (for petty reason)

How would you describe yourself?

How would you describe yourself?
depressed, sad, lazy
depressed, sad, lazy
sweet, optimistic, cute, helpful
sweet, optimistic, cute, helpful
sarcastic, flirtatious, dark humor
sarcastic, flirtatious, dark humor
smart, analytical, cold
smart, analytical, cold
funny, carefree, loyal
funny, carefree, loyal

What Hogwarts house are you in?


Do you care that i don't have a particular religion? I believe that there is a higher power, i don't believe there is only one god, i believe all living things have a conscience, i believe words hold great power as well as emotions, i respect nature, i am a modern day witch and i do not harm anything. pls don't come for me tho, this is what i believe in and you can believe in whatever you believe in.

no, you do you *me: thank you*
YES, you have to be my same religion!!!! *me: hahaha... NO!*
your creepy... *me: eh, i've been called worse. you:...*
oh, you're like me *me: (surprised) cool*

How do you feel about lgbtq+?

How do you feel about lgbtq+?
ally, I support *me: cool*
ewww!!! they are all icky!!!! *me:....umm..*
i'll be there for you and i don't agree with your chooses, i also don't feel comfy talking about this, but i support you, even if
you go to hell.. *me: tf you do O-o*
Yass queen!!!
i am apart of this fandom *me: tf lmao XD*

How would you treat someone you are dating?

How would you treat someone you are dating?
Treat them like a goddess!! <3
i dont
They are my best friend and I can be myself when im with them
I tease them to death to show my love
I would be a gentleman
I would be very affectionate
i would be mean to them

If we went on a date where would you take me?

If we went on a date where would you take me?
Star gazing in the mountains
Netflix and chill *me: too soon... maybe? o-o*
roller skating w/ music
watch a movie
fancy restaurant with hardly any food

Do you like animals?

allergic, but like animals
allergic, hates animals
only some

Do you think I should dress more femme?

Do you think I should dress more femme?
Yes you look way prettier
no you do you
no you look better in the other pic

What is your favorite type of music?

k pop
Heavy metal, alternative
pop, country
All of them!

Do you like anime?

Do you like anime?
What's that?
It is the BEST!!!!
i don't like it, it's gross
it's okay