Which MAC Lipstick is for you?

take this quiz to find out which MAC liptick is for you! a few simple questions, and you will know! this quiz is 100% just for fun, so please know that you do not need to go out and get this lipstick. this is just for fun. so please enjoy!

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You are only able to own two tyoes of makeup products. What are they?

Lipstick and Eyeliner
Mascara and Lipgloss
Eyeshadow and Concealer

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Hang out with friends
Spend time with family

Your parents let you decide where your next family vacation destination will be. You choose:

somewhere exotic, like a tropical rainforest
Somewhere close to us (eg. a state very close to us)
a carabiean island, like Cuba or Mexico

How would you describe yourself using one word?


For the final question, i want to ask you this. You have $1000 to spend at the mall. what 2 stores are you going to?

MAC and Sephora
Aeropostale and Shoppers DrugMart/Walgreens
Forever 21 and Bath and Body Works

Pick a girl and boy name. Just for fun!

Kylie and Taylor
Anna and Adam
Evelyn and William

Pick a colour listed below:

any bold colour
any pastel colour
any colour

When you first started out with makeup, did you start off with drugstore or highend?

i mainly got hand-me-downs from older sister/mom

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

17 or older

How often do you shop for makeup?

every weekend!
once a month
few times a month