Which Black River Chronicles Party Member Are You?

Which Black River Chronicles Party Member Are You?

As a student at the Black River Academy of Swordcraft and Spellcraft, your goal is to learn the skills that you need to be a proper adventurer - the sort that gets the gold and slays the dragon and doesn't hold the magic item the wrong way up and so inadvertently transport their entire party to a nightmare-dimension. But life is never that straightforward, quests can be awfully difficult when you don't entirely know what you're doing, and even the most basic decisions can sometimes prove a challenge. So how would you cope with life at Black River? And just who would you be?

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You find yourself in a graveyard, which would be creepy enough, but the dead are rising from their graves! And running away isn't an option, because beyond all those ambling corpses, another party of students are in mortal danger.

I suppose I could set these angry cadavers alight using my magic. But are we certain that's such a good idea? I mean, then
they'd be dead and on fire.
To be honest, dead people and alive people look about the same to me. I'm just going to float here, okay?
Walking corpses still need brains, right? I'm sure an arrow in the eye socket will sort them out.
These things are slow and there's nothing to be gained by fighting them. I'm certain I can sneak my way through.
Finally, a proper scrap! Watch out, stinky dead people!

You've been sent on a quest to recover a casket of valuable goods from a village of rat-kind, humanoid rodents infamous for their pilfering habits. However, when you arrive, the scenes of domesticity you find are far from the den of thieves you were led to expect.

I'm sure that if I wave my sword around enough, these feeble rat-people are bound to run screaming.
I'm taking a wait and see approach. Preferably from somewhere high up and out of reach.
Oh, rat people are adorable! I'm certain that once we explain why we're here they'll see reason. Wait, what do you mean, they
don't understand Common?
Relax, these puny rat-folk are no threat to me; I'll be in and out before they ever see me. Just no-one get in my way, all right?
If there's really no choice then I suppose I'll fight. Perhaps a well-placed warning shot with an arrow might deter them?

It's the school holidays! But that means you can't stay at the academy, and that means a trip back home. How do you feel about the news?

Why would I want to go home? My family are barbarians who'd fight me as soon as talk to me!
Why would I want to go home? My father's a greedy merchant who hardly knows that I'm alive!
Why would I want to go home? My parents have never understood the vast power that I struggle every day to keep in check.
Why would I want to go home? There's nothing there but sinister political scheming.
You do know I was actually born here, right?

You're in trouble! You've been summoned to the Head Tutor's office for a telling off; the only thing you haven't been told is what you're supposed to have done wrong.

Oh no! How did he find out? I'm in for it now!
Oh no! What did I do wrong? DID I do anything wrong? I'm sure that if I just politely explain that I didn't then everything will
be fine.
But I was only doing what I was told to do! And how can I be told off when I don't have any ears?
The Head Tutor wants to tell me off? Maybe I ought to break into his chambers and case the joint. After all, everyone has their
Pah! Sticks and stones. So long as it doesn't take all day.

You've been tasked with capturing a dangerous unicorn that's been terrorising local villages. And when you find said unicorn, it certainly does look dangerous. What's your plan? Do you have a plan?

What do you mean, capture it? It's chasing me! How about I just run away?
An entire forest full of trees to hide behind? How hard can this be?
I suppose I could try and cast a spell on the super-powerful magical creature. But I'm not altogether sure what would happen!
Sure it's a giant magical horse with a spear on its forehead, but it's not sword-proof, is it? All the same, maybe someone else
should go first.
A magical creature you say? Perhaps we could be friends.

The latest quest you've been given by your mentor seems particularly strange. Do you think you should say something, or would it be better to let matters be?

What's so strange about that? Let's get this thing done. Who knows, maybe there'll be a scrap at the end of it.
I'm trying to keep my head down. I don't want any trouble. I'm sure everything will work out just fine.
I go where I'm told. I don't really have much of a choice. And all of these quests seem odd to me.
Hmm. It's probably nothing, but to be on the safe side I'd better follow our mentor around for a day or two. And intercept all
of their correspondence. And formulating a plan for how to poison them in their sleep might not be the worst idea, either. I
mean, just in case...
I'm sure everything's fine. But I'd better just have a word; there's nothing that can't be resolved with a calm and
rational conversation.

With the courtyard temporarily closed off thanks to an unfortunate incident with a transmogrification spell, you're facing an entire day of nothing but lectures. Is that good news or bad news?

Why would I want to go to lectures? I already know as much as half of my tutors.
A whole day full of lectures! Well, I'd rather it was a whole month, but that's a start.
A whole day of lectures? I suppose I might learn something useful, and I want to be good at what I do, so why not?
I don't think they even have lectures in what I do.
Are they lectures on fighting? Will there be fighting? I feel like fighting someone.

After a long day's questing, you set up your campsite - but in the wrong place! That nearby swamp is full of giant, murderous, purple toads, and they're not pleased that you're loitering next to their home.

Aargh! Those monsters could swallow me whole! Count me out...
Wait, camping in the wrong spot? This campsite is just fine. You can't pin this one on me!
Oh, for goodness' sake. This is why I ought to be making all the decisions.
Giant toads? Let them feel the wrath of my mighty sword. Even though fighting toads seems pretty dumb, all told.
Ow! These things are dangerous! Are toads afraid of fire? I'm pretty sure I could conjure up a bit of fire.

You've been sent to retrieve a powerful magical item from a temple of mad priests, who are intent on destroying all of reality. However, when you arrive, the priests are doing their best to present an illusion of normality. Perhaps that's something you can turn to your advantage?

I think I can climb that wall without being seen. All I need is a good distraction. Maybe the rest of my party will oblige?
Just because they're mad and probably evil, surely that doesn't mean we can't try talking to them? It's just a question of
finding out what we have in common.
This seems straightforward enough. We storm in there, and if anyone looks as if they might be considering casting a spell, we
hit them with a sword.
So here's what I'm thinking: they don't know that we're on a quest, do they? All we have to do is make up a convincing enough
A temple of mad priests, you say? Intent on destroying all of reality? Look, I'm just going to hover around here and see what's