Which Warrior Cats Clan are you in?

Which Warrior Cats Clan are you in?

Every Warrior Cats fan has to know what Clan they're in! Love Warrior Cats? This Quiz is for you! Owlblossom, a StarClan cat, will guide you through this quiz. Good luck!

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Welcome, I am Owlblossom. Do not be alarmed, young kittypet. Your destiny is to join the Clans of the forest. Yes, you are dreaming. I am here to ask questions to determine which Clan you are suited for. (Please pick one you'd respond as)

Ok, whatever, get to the Quiz Owl-whatsit.
Are the Clans scary?
Will there be food and water?
Let's do this!

Ok! Now, which of these places do you want to go to most?

A beach with gentle, blue waves rolling onto the warm, sandy shore.
A dense forest with deep greens and cool earth underneath every step, and the song of a bird's call.
The everlasting moors with gentle breezes and a pink sunset washed over the sky.
The deep blue night sky with million of shining stars lighting up the sky and a shooting star passing by.

Great. Which of these colors do you feel most connected to?

Deep green with earthy brown flecks.
Dark colors with lighter shades mixed in.
An intense blue with highlights of sky blue.
Pale green.

Splendid! Now, here is a question to think deeply about. You are in a battle with another Clan that claims your Clan stole herbs and prey from their territory, when you didn't. Your leader is pinned down, on his last life and your mate and kits are being held hostage by the Clan. You, just being there, are in grave danger; many have already fallen. Who do you save (you may choose to save yourself, if you would want to)?

My mate and kits! I raised a family, and I'm not giving up on the cats I love.
Myself, I don't want to die. I might even take leadership if the leader dies... hm...
The leader! We need a leader, and the leader is amazing.
I would save everyone, but I would have to save my mate and kits. I want to watch them grow up, and the leader has a deputy for a reason... he'll be remembered by the whole Clan for dying bravely.

Great! You are hunting and you see a kit from another Clan in danger, a badger cornering it. What do you do?

Go back to hunting. The kit is from another Clan, and I don't need anything to mess up my path to leadership.
Jump on the badger from behind and fight it.
Go get a patrol to help out.
Run in and scoop up the kit before the badger can realize what's going on.

Who is your favorite leader from the Warrior Cats series?

Firestar, because he is brave and noble.
Tigerstar, because he is strong and powerful.
Windstar, because she is swift and sassy.
Crookedstar, because he is caring and fair.

Now, which Medicine Cat do you think is most talented?

Medicine Cats? Oh, well, Leafpool.
Well... anyone who heals... right?
Who needs Medicine Cats?
They say Cinderpelt of ThunderClan was amazing, but I go with Mothwing... even if she doesn't believe in StarClan...

Oh dear! We're coming to an end... StarClan is telling me to hurry up. Last question: Which Clan do you like best (ability-wise)?
[If you don't know, ThunderClan is hunting, ShadowClan is fighting, RiverClan is swimming, and WindClan is running]


I hope you enjoyed! Are you excited for your results?

Owl-whatsit, I don't care, just give me my answers and go.
Of course! Sure.