Which Curtis are you?

Which Curtis are you?

this is a quiz to determine which member of the Curtis family you are from The Outsiders! I hope you enjoy it :3

published on February 26, 20167 responses 4

Which flower seems your type?


Which genre describes your personality?

Comedy, itself.

You notice your brother getting hurt, what do you do?

-throws self in and beats the
shit out of person.-
Call your squad up to take
them down.
Call another family member to help, while you watch.

If you were to be apart of the 'Emo Trinity', which band would you be?

Fall Out Boy.
Panic! At The Disco.
My Chemical Romance.

You notice another one of your family members gone, they arent in the neighborhood, and you cant find them anywhere. What do you do?

Call the police!
Crawl into my bedroom and bawl my eyes out. Not sleeping until I know theyre safe.
Go to a friend's house for comfort, allowing someone else to help.

You're fighting with the oldest family member, which member are you?

The oldest, the one giving strict orders.
The youngest, the one being fought with, he is not the boss of me!
The middle, the one trying to help sort things out but failing.

What are you described as?

Emotional, no common sense, but smart. The irony.
Like a movie star, but extremely caring and loving.
Strict, gentle, seems like you doesnt care a lot but you really do.
Ice-cold heart.

Are you Tuff or Tough?

Both for the win.
I got the tuffest hair in town, man!
Tough and rough inside and out.