If you fell off a cliff would you live?

Just a fun quiz. Don't take it seriously, it's probably wrong, completely.

published on February 11, 201629 responses 10 5.0★ / 5

How quickly can you think on your feet?

I cannot. At ALL.
I can... sort of...
I can
That's my main strength!

How much do you fear death?

Waaaaay too much
I run from death like my life depends on it! Wait...
I do.
Barely enough to have a survival instinct

What is your worst fear?

Feeling trapped. I also do not like pointy things.

How strong are you on a scale of 1-4

1, I can't lift a weight to save my life
2, I am not strong lol
3, I'm respectable
4, I am really strong

If you were shot how would you react?

Uhm... UHM... Help pls!!!
Try to get to a hospital or call 911 or a friend
Please. I dodged the bullet, I'm fine.