Personality Quiz! (1)

Everyone is a different person on the inside, and a different person on the outside! Of course you will know how you act on the outside, but have you ever wondered what and how you ACTUALLY are on the inside? Take this quiz to find out!

published on January 13, 201512 responses 0
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You are late at work because you slept in by accident. Your boss demands you to "Get out!" (yes, he fires you), because of this reason. What do you do/feel/react?

Yes, I admit my mistake. I regret this, but it was my fault. I will
obey my boss and step out of my job quietly.
AWFUL! I am going to yell at my boss and say that he doesn't
have to fire me because I quit!
Yeah, yeah! I guess it WAS my fault but it was such a teeny
tiny thing. I will apologize to him and say some sweet things
he will surely fall for! And then he won't fire me!
I will yell at him and tell him that I am the only worker capable
enough to handle this job responsibly and that he will regret
it once I am gone from his stupid office. And then I will walk

You find yourself in a forest - which is known to be the most dang-erous forest ever - all alone at night. What do you do?

Where in the name of Merlin's grave am I? I really should get
out of this place! And if I meet anything dangerous on my
way, I shall sneak my way out of the creature's wrath!
I really should get out of this place! This is very creepy! I
might just die here, which I can't afford to do because if I
don't go to work tomorrow, my boss will murder me!
always wanted to come to this forest but of course people
have warned me not to come! Ooh, where should I explore
I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE. NOW. How in the name of
God did I get here? I WANT ANSWERS. NOW! I am NOT
staying in this AWFUL (and creepy) place!

Your class is working on an important math test, and your enemy is sitting beside you. You see him/her answering all the questions correctly, using a cheat sheet. What do you do?

What? How can they cheat? I am going to stop them from
doing that awful, awful thing right now!
What? Why are they allowed to cheat? I will blackmail them
and tell them that I will tell on them, unless they share the
sheet with me!
Well, this is definitely horrible, but I won't say anything to
them. I will try my best do do better than them on this test.
Bring it on!
Ha! They think they can pass by using a cheat sheet? Well, I
can do better than them! I am too smart for a damn cheat
sheet and an idiot! And I'll probably also humiliate them in
front of the class by telling the teacher!

You have been saving up money for months to purchase a smartphone. Now you finally have all the money! But a little girl comes asking you to have mercy on her mother and give your money to her for medicine. What do you do?

I will act sympathetically to the girl and lie to her that this
money is important for another reason and that she should
ask someone else for money. After all, I won't give anyone
my money. It's mine!
I will take pity on her and give her as much money as she
needs. After all, the price of a medicine and smartphone
would be highly different! I would still have 75% of the money
I can't give her my money, but I will try to heal the mother and
help the girl put as much as I can!
I will come up with a way that can heal her mother for sure! I
certainly won't give her my money, but I can invent
something new and helpful! After all, I will have much time
left to spare after I get my phone! I will not have to work as
hard anymore!

Which of the following colors do you like the most?

Lime Green/Neon Orange/Hot Pink/Blood Red/Bright
Silver/Gold/Bronze/Brown/Dark Yellow/
Normal colors like red, orange, green, purple, blue...etc.